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Home is where you hang your hi-hats

A couple of snaps during recording sessions for the next single to be released, now in the mix phase. This may also be the last time we get to record at this studio, as the building is shutting down soon. It’s been a great place to write and record, but now it’s onwards to our next home, wherever that may be…

Accept Defeat in 2018

SISTERSOUND is thrilled to announce a new single for sale and approved for recreational use. Do not use sparingly.

Finding the feedback


Malcolm, laying down a bass track for “Weatherman”.


Studio chaos


Recording Ronnie. No sterile, idyllic studio environments here. No windows either.


Recording with Smoot

MEM cassette

Self-released a second, limited edition cassette demo, when a crop of new songs came into existence. The Xeroxed jacket reveals Eve’s preoccupation with metaphysics and parapsychology – a creative theme that persists today. Painfully sincere, Eve’s old phone number is exposed on the back of the jacket, trapped forever under strips of packing tape. So innocent, it hurts.

Silly World would later be re-recorded in Silver Springs, MD by Mark Smoot, with Pete Grothey and Chris Gallo, not yet in the band. This cassette features Eve on vocals, guitar, bass, and drums, with Dave Garrett drumming on Silly World.

s/t cassette demo

Recorded on 4-track between 1992 and 1993, in Eve’s bedroom, with the help of Mike Lujan, Jeff McElroy, and Dave Garrett, who at the time was an art student, painter, and drummer in numerous bands. Bleeding with indie cred, the cover featured one of Dave’s drawings. Slick production was Xeroxing the cover on clear overlays – each one bent into shape by hand. Cassettes were dubbed on Eve’s 2-deck cassette player. Paid for and promoted by Christian Hendrickson’s “Slow Death” fanzine. Only 50 made. Those were the days.


The logo for Slow Death Fan’zine who paid for and promoted Sistersound’s first limited edition cassette demo.

The 4-track years of SS

Eve and Mike, circa ’92

Eve and Mike, circa ’92

Eve and Mike, circa ’92

Eve, Dave, and Jeff, circa ’93

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